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Let’s review some techniques you can use to help young Auskickers learn how to kick, mark, handball, pick-up and bounce a footy!

How to Kick a Footy

  1. Keep the ball vertical, laces forward

    Ask each Auskicker to grip the ball loosely using both hands, with the ball vertical, and laces facing forward


  2. Ball over your preferred leg

    Now ask each Auskicker to hold the ball slightly over their preferred kicking leg 

    *trick – if kids are not yet sure which leg is their preferred, have them stand with their feet together, then get them to tilt/lean forward until they have to put 1 foot forward to stop themselves falling over. The leg they put forward is usually their preferred foot


  3. Relax Arms, step forward & drop the ball

    Ask Auskickers to relax their arms, step forward with their non kicking leg and drop the ball over their preferred kicking leg.

  4. Point your toes

    Advise them to bring their foot towards the ball, whilst pointing their toes. The aim is to hit the ball with their shoelaces, remembering to follow through.

How to Catch or ‘Mark’ a Footy

Chest Mark

  1. Watch the ball

    Ask Auskickers to keep their eyes on the ball at all times!


  2. Arms out

    Ask Auskickers to stretch their arms out straight in front o them, and keep their elbows close together


  3. Palms up

    Ask Auskickers to imagine their hand is holding a big pancake, and they should keep their palms flat, facing the sky

  4. Catch and hug the ball

    Once Auskickers see the the ball coming their way, have them catch the ball in their arms then hug the ball against their chest (like they’re hugging a teddy bear)

Overhead Mark

  1. Watch the ball

    Ask Auskickers to keep their eyes on the ball at all times!


  2. Make a ‘W’

    Ask Auskickers to point their fingers to the sky and spread their hands to make a ‘W’ shape


  3. Long arms 

    To help catch the ball at the highest point, ask Auskickers to catch the ball slightly in front of their head by extending their arms high into the sky, with elbows slightly bent

  4. Close the ‘W’

    As their hands come into contact with the ball, instruct the Auskickers to close the ‘W’ buy grasping the ball