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2021 RegisTRATION

Note: Changes to the 2021 Season

Due to the unpredictability of the Hong Kong Government imposing restrictions on sport gatherings,
we will be making the following changes to the training/game format & player kits, in order to avoid potential costs to families, 
as well as allow us to be flexible in running the season.  

These changes are as follows;

  • Games / Trainings will be run together at a single location for all clubs, rather than as 4 separate clubs / locations. We are looking to alternate between Happy Valley Recreational Ground (Typhoons home ground) and Po Kong Village Ground (PKVR Cricket Pitch) in Diamond Hill
  • A single reversible (red/blue) dragon guernsey/top will be provided to all clubs/players, rather than 4 individual club guernseys
  • A white space will be added to write the player’s name on the guernsey, rather than having their name printed 

If restrictions stay similar to they are now by the start of the season, the following will also be implemented;

  • All parents/players will have to register at the sports venue either through the Hong Kong government’s LeaveHomeSafe App or by registering their names, contact number and the date and time of the visit. We will set up a table at the entrance of each venue. Please proceed to the registration desk before going to any pitch.

  • Anyone not on the pitch must wear a face mask and keep in groups of no more than 2, with 1.5m social distancing between groups

Girls: We will still look to separate older girls (U10s and up) into girls only training / games where numbers make it possible.  

Too old to play U12? Auskick & Junior AFL are keen to provide girls the opportunity to start or continue playing AFL here in Hong Kong, so girls that are older than U12 (but still below U16) can still sign up. Our coaches will group girls of similar size & skill level 

player's KIt

Registration fees cover the cost of facilities hire for the whole season (our most significant cost), club equipment, 
subsidised transport for teams to some away games and players’ kit. In order to keep costs down for the 2021 season, as well as reduce unwanted items from returning players, we’ve made some items available for separate purchase.


Club Kit

Double-sided red/blue top (guernsey), blue shorts (included)



Auskick branded hat (available for separate purchase)



Auskick branded bag (available for separate purchase)



AFL football (available for separate purchase)

Mouth Guard

Player mouth guards are NOT included as part of our player kit, however are recommended for regular training and are MANDATORY for every match (U8 – U16 level). Hong Kong Auskick & Junior AFL does not endorse any specific supplier or brand, however please refer to the following list of businesses where you can purchase mouth guards.

(self-fitting mouth guards)

  • Kowloon Cricket Club
  • Hong Kong Cricket Club
  • Hong Kong Football Club
  • Most Sporting Good Stores


(professionally fitted mouth guards)

  • Diestel & Partners, Melbourne Plaza, 33 Queens Rd, Central
  • Smith & Jain Dentists, Century Square, 1 D’Aguilar St, Central
  • Bayside Dental, G/F, Office Block 1, North Plaza, Discovery Bay

New Indigenous Design for 2021

We’re very happy to announce that this year we’re introducing a new kit design that incorporates Indigenous artwork from Aboriginal artist Amunda Gorey. Amunda has previously provided her artwork to the Singapore Sharks Auskick group, and has kindly agreed to share her designs with Hong Kong Auskick as well. 


Before you start the registration process, use the following guide to determine your child’s kit size.

**Please ensure you check your child’s measurements, and follow the recommendations below carefully,
as we’re unable to change kit once orders have been made.


Measure the widest part of the torso (i.e. chest or stomach).
As this is a fitted measurement, *we suggest you add +5cm to the total for a comfortable fit

Example 1 (Age 10)
Chest = 80cm | Stomach = 83cm (widest part is 83cm)
so, 83cm + 5cm* (to allow additional room for movement) = 88cm
Size to order: XXS

Example 2 (Age 12)
Chest = 75 cm | Stomach = 75cm (widest part is 75cm) 
so, 75cm + 5cm* (to allow additional room for movement) = 80cm
Size to order: J-L

Measure low on your child’s hips (where your child will likely wear his or her shorts). 

*For measurements that are near to the size limit for that size, we recommend going with the next size, as the shorts are elastic with a draw string, so they can be tightened. 

Example 1 (Age 10)
Waist = 83cm (S is 81.3-86.3cm, *so we recommend ordering next size up)
Size to order: M

Example 2 (Age 12)
Waist = 76cm (XS is 76-81.2cm, *so we recommend ordering next size up)
Size to order: S


We use teamsnap for handling player registrations & payment (via Paypal) as well as weekly scheduling through-out the season. If someone in the family already has a TeamSnap login (either from a previous year playing in Auskick or from another sporting club) you can re-use your account for your child’s registration. If you do not have an existing login, then you’ll need to create one as part of the registration process.  

*From 2020, Hong Kong Auskick is switching registration payment exclusively to PayPal, and will no longer be offering bank transfer as an option. This is to drastically reduce the admin work that comes with matching payments with individual players. We appreciate people’s understanding in regards to this change. 

Once you have registered and your child is assigned to their team, you can use the TeamSnap website, iPhone or Android app to see the schedule for your child’s Auskick trainings and games, as well as indicate if your child will be available each week. In addition, you may receive communication directly from your child’s coaches, and you can use teamsnap to send messages directly to them as well.

This year we are again asking you to provide details of player and parent ‘Country of Birth’ and ‘Player School’. We use this information to help us in our efforts to register as a Hong Kong National Sports Association. This registration would greatly improve access to facilities bookings for all our Clubs.

2021 Season Registration Now Open >>


Hong Kong Auskick is run completely by volunteers so the more people that get involved, the better it is for both the kids and the parents alike. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never kicked a football or even watched a game, we’re looking for anyone that is keen to help coach, or even assist other coaches on the field. HK Auskick provides coaching resources including training plans, online reference material and a pre-season coaches clinic to all coaches and assistants, and there’s a great community of other volunteers around you to help you out.  

Please consider putting your hand up and help us continue to grow Auskick & Junior AFL in Hong Kong.

Interested in being a coach or helping other coaches?


Not interested in coaching but want to help out with fundraising & working on stalls, event & tour coordination, social media promoting, or perhaps in other ways? Please tell us your contact details and we will get back to you