2020 Season - Adhoc Trainings & Games

2020 RegisTRATION

With the situation in Hong Kong slowly improving, we’re looking to try and secure ground bookings over the coming months with the goal of running some Auskick training/games as and when the government allows sporting events in large numbers to proceed.

Please note however that depending on the number of players interested as well as the availability of grounds, trainings & games may be run on either Saturdays or Sundays (will likely vary from week to week), and may also be run as combined trainings with other clubs. Given that we’re not able to guarantee trainings & games each week and kits will not be distributed to kids, we’ve decided not to charge fees this year. However we will still require players to register In order to be able to coordinate scheduling, teams & coaches.

Please click the following link to sign-up and registration via TeamSnap for anyone interested in
coming out to any or all of the trainings & games we manage to put on.

But I already registered for the 2020 Season – Do I need to re-register? 
Yes. Please note that all previous registrations for this year have been purged from TeamSnap during the refund process.